Fünferfilm was founded in 2016 by Karsten Krause and Frank Scheuffele. We produce mainly films by young Hamburg filmmakers who have dedicated themselves to an artistic, courageous and very individual form of narrative. Karsten himself is a filmmaker, cinematogapher and sound recordist. Frank works as a producer and curator.


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Auge Altona
Bernd Schoch
Dan Boehl
Helena Wittmann
Karsten Krause
Laslo Strong & Jurgis Lietunovas (website)
Lilli Thalgott
Roman Vehlken
Spengemann Eichberg Goldkamp Hans
Zeigermann Audio


Brunswick, Germany: My 93-year-old grandmother's property is surrounded by a wooden fence that holds her world together inside.

D 2018, HD, 1:1,78, Color, Stereo, 20 Minutes

direction, camera, sound recording, montage Karsten Krause
color grading Donna Martin
sound mix Paul Spengemann
translation Dan Boehl
production Fuenferfilm

Sec Rouge

Throughout centuries, generations of fisherwomen from Rodrigues Island have practiced the traditional métier of piqueuse ourite, octopus spearing, which was then a warrant of self-sufficiency, emancipation and social prestige. With the avenue of major economic and climatic changes in the past years, the métier alongside its stoical self-reliant way of life, is at stake.
SEC ROUGE, a creole term for an optimal dry tide to fish octopus, was an omen of prosperous catch for the elders. Today a “dry-red” tide is a rarity; a mirage-image of precarious times for the few remaining fisherwomen who are still struggling to practice their métier. SEC ROUGE, an evocative filmic immersion into the fragile reality of a dying métier.

D 2018, HD, 1:1,78, Color, Surround, 26 Minutes

cast Marie Louise Edouard, Marie Jeanne Azie, Marie Elydione Azie
direction, camera Kate Tessa Lee
direction, sound recording, sound design, montage Tom Schön
color grading Christian Lessner
sound mix Roman Vehlken
production Fuenferfilm
funding Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, BKM


Two women spend a weekend together at the North Sea. Walks on the beach, fish buns at a snack stand, mobile weather forecasts. Sky, horizon, water. One of them will soon return to her family in Argentina ,whereas the other one will try to come a step closer to the ocean. She travels to the Caribbean and the unknown makes her vulnerable. Then, the land gets out of sight. On a sailing vessel she crosses the Atlantic Ocean. One wave follows the other, they never resemble. Thoughts go astray, time leaves the beaten track and the swell lulls to deep sleep. The sea takes over the narration. And when she reappears, the wind is still in her hair while the ground beneath her feet is solid. She returns and the other one could ask: „Have you changed?“

D 2017, HD, 1:1,78, Color, Surround, 97 Minutes

cast Theresa George, Josefina Gill
concept, direction, cinematography, montage Helena Wittmann
concept, research Theresa George
sound recording, design, composition Nika Breithaupt
focus puller Pia Lamster
title design, dolly grip Steffen Goldkamp
sound mix Simon Bastian - Zeigermann Audio
color grading Tim Liebe
production Fuenferfilm, T, N, H
production assistant Luise Donschen
sponsoring Sailing Classics Gmbh
support Neue Kunst In Hamburg, Zeigermann Audio, Cinegate
festival presentation Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, German Films


72. Settimana Internazionale della Critica (74. Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia)
International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Netherlands
New Directors / New Films, New York, USA
Jeonju Int. Film Festival, South Corea
FICUNAM, Mexico City, Mexico
FID Marseille, France
Lima Independiente Film Festival, Peru (SPECIAL JURY MENTION)
Lacenodoro Int. Film Festival (BEST FEATURE FILM AWARD)
Athens Int. Film & Video Festival, Ohio, USA (BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE FILM AWARD)
Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreal, Canada
Filmfest Hamburg, Germany
Berwick Film&Media Arts Festival, UK
Nordic Filmdays Lübeck, Germany
Filmwoche Duisburg, Germany
Kaunas Int. Film Festival, Lithuania
Ton, Zeit, Bild, Filmladen Kassel, Germany
Stranger Than Fiction, Cologne, Germany
EYE Film Institute Amsterdam / Dag van de Dwarse Film 2018, The Netherlands
if Independent Film Festival Istanbul, Turkey
IBAFF Int. Film Festival Murcia, Spain
Tabakalera, San Sebastian, Spain
Int. Film Festival Uruguay, Uruguay
Oaxaca Cine, Mexico
Int. Film Festival Cosquin, Argentina
VariaVision Volksbühne Berlin, Germany


"Man fragt sich, wie Wittmann, die ihren Film völlig unabhängig produziert hat, so jung zu einer so entschiedenen, klaren Ästhetik gelangen konnte. Und wie mag angesichts dieser Mischung aus visueller Perfektion und Empfindsamkeit ihr nächster Film aussehen? Manchmal sind die schönsten Bilder eines Festivals die noch nicht gesehenen zukünftiger Filme, denen man jetzt schon entgegenfiebert.“ Katja Nicodemus, Die Zeit

Arrangement of Skin

The archive is a technical apparatus; a place to dissect, prepare, and preserve. Culture needs a place to store and document the things of nature.

To document and preserve nature is in need of human culture - a need that is institutionalized in natural history museums and zoological collections. Karsten Krause visited such „archives of life“ in Stuttgart: at the Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde and the Wilhema, he pointed his camera at the human at appropriation of nature for the propose of gaining insights. Within this framework, he focossed especially on taxidermally stuffed animals and the reconstruction and animation in museum presentations.
It sometimes looks as if the camera had replaced the animal’s extinguished gaze at the human being. Krause directs this gaze towards the work of taxidermists and the post-mortem craft they carry out in the museum workshops, where they counter decay with preservation techniques. The filmmaker studies their actions, and the kill and familiarity with which they handle the dead creatures. Often the focus is entirely on their facial expressions, which speak of concentration, experience, accuracy and dedication as they cut, skin, flay, stuff and mount. The animals are to look as natural, alive and aesthetically appealing as possible for the exhibition in spectacular dioramas. It is there that they make their final appearance alongside other stuffed animals against backgrounds imitating idealized biotopes - and there that they encounter the species that arranged them.
The visitors’ curiosity is mirrored in the panes of the display cases. Amazed off-screen whispers are heared. The wild is viewed and marvelled at as an art product that, although based on human phantasms, nevertheless continues to resist its object status. The video thus revolves primarily around the contradiction between scientific neutrality and creative interpretation, but also around the pleasure researchers, museums and visitors derive from the imagination.

D 2016, HD, 1:1,78, Color, Stereo, 24 Minutes

script, direction, camera, montage Karsten Krause
sound recording Alicja Bielawska, Louis-Philippe Scoufaras
text Dan Boehl
grading Tim Liebe
sound design, sound mix Roman Vehlken
production Fuenferfilm
support Akademie Schloss Solitude, MFG Baden-Württemberg, Natural History Museum Stuttgart


Akademie Schloss Solitude
Punto de Vista
Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen
IKFF Hamburg
Split Film Festival
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